~ Testimonials

Our daughter Esme absolutely loves Stage Centre, she loves the singing and the teachers. When she took part in Honk last year she watched the show afterwards over and over again.. learning all the lines and the dances of the older girls. She is very excited about the latest performance Annie. We also appreciate the great care the Team at Stage Centre take when looking after the children for the shows. I also remember when I watched Honk feeling goosebumps that young children could perform in this way..I genuinely enjoyed the whole performance (even though my daughter was only in the tots dance).. the juniors are so young yet Honk was such a professional performance. I have taught for years and I know how long it takes for children to perform at a particular level and yet you manage levels of such excellence when only having them on a Saturday morning once a week.. Esme genuinely loves the classes and I would be happy to (and do) recommend them to anyone who asks.
— Ruth Coakley
Maisie has been going to TSC since 2013 and she absolutely loves every aspect of it. The shows are very professional and having the chance to perform on the big stage gives Maisie a real buzz. She’s attended 4 of the Summer Schools too, which are equally great. They achieve so much in a short time which is evident when they perform their mini-show on the Friday. Maisie’s also made some lovely friends with other children who have the same interests as her.
— Sandra Brown
The Stage Centre encourage each and every child that they can be a success regardless of their age and ability. The dedication given by every teacher is second to none, they nurture each and every member of the Stage Centre family and watching the children grow and mature is a pleasure to see.
— Trudy Kennedy
Les Miserables - what an amazing success! Would love to see the cast reunite to perform this show at the Edinburgh Fringe next year.
— Ceriann Houston-Jones
What an outstanding performance. Congratulations to everyone involved. The standing ovation was thoroughly deserved. Superb.
— Amanda Harries
Loved it! The kids were amazing - all so professional! Well done to all involved.
— Louise Mead
Our little girl loves to sing and dance and with so many schools out there we were at a loss as who to choose. From the minute we walked into TSC we were impressed, not only with their professionalism but with how wonderful they were with my little girl. We started her at a very young age but she has thrived and loved every second of her time there. Their school shows are so well put together along with other professional jobs she has taken part in. All the teachers are welcoming and make the time for parent and child. We cannot recommend TSC enough.
— Victoria Britten
My daughter has been going to the Stage Centre since she was 3 and loves every moment of her time there. The staff are so friendly ensuring they make every little one feel special and welcome. Genevieve has never lacked confidence but the classes have made her into an even more confident and entertaining little girl.
— Heidi Dupres
Cate has only been a part of Stage Centre since September but I am struck by how her interest and passion to attend has not waned once. Every Saturday she can’t wait to be with you and she returns home all fired up, full of song and dance routines. It is a really important part of her week. Her interest can easily wane so I know that her continued enthusiasm is thanks to all the effort you guys make.
— Helen Verity
Thank you so much, everyone! I have to thank The Stage Centre, they’ve been amazing and I definitely couldn’t have done it without the confidence they gave me over the years! Thank you! x
— Joseff Reed
Well done to everyone in Annie Jr. Carys and all her family really enjoyed their first of hopefully many fabulous stage centre shows!
— Claire Howard
Fab Show! I wanted to be up there with them and join in! Brilliant performance by all. Well done everyone!
— Tracy Veale