At The Performance Centres we try to keep our fees as fairly priced as possible across all Centres for parents, and hope that our flexible payment options when Fees are due, make us accessible to all. It is important however to remember that you get what you pay for and although we do not believe in over inflated fees, we believe that our students get an awful lot at the highest standards for what you pay.

Fees are payable termly (a term following the school year of between 10 and 12 weeks) Fees for the next term are always payable by the end of the current term.
A three week payment window at this time operates for your convenience.

The timely payment of fees enables us to book and pay for the venues, performance rights, props, technical assistance and equipment for our forthcoming productions, all of which have to be booked well in advance to guarantee availability. All our shows are non profit making. It also ensures our staffing levels and standards and the safe continuation of the students training uninterrupted.
Late payment can seriously jeopardise this and ultimately therefore the student experience. The Performance Centres operate a late payment charge (£30) and new students will not be permitted to remain at classes after the 3rd week of term if fees are unpaid at this stage.

Notice period on leaving

Here at The Stage Centre we have a very low turnover rate of students, and once enrolled our students in the main are with us for a very long time. However if leaving, half a term’s notice MUST be given or half a term’s fees must be paid in lieu of notice. This is a very standard practice in stage schools and ensures places can be offered to waiting prospective students and no disruption of training for those still with us.

  • Fees are non-refundable if a student leaves during the term at any time or is absent for any reason.
  • Junior School (3-7yrs) 90 minute session per week. £121 per term.
  • Centre Stages Lower and Upper (7-21yrs) 3 hr session per week.
  • £242 per term
  • There is a 30% sibling discount (not applicable to children in Junior Stages)




On enrolment:

We offer all prospective students one FREE taster session. This is also an informal audition where we look for potential in two of the three disciplines and general enthusiasm from the child. We will not accept a student because a parent wishes them to attend, the student has to want to be with us. There is no informal audition for the Junior School. After the free taster, your child will be offered a place at The Stage Centre (as long as they have been successful at audition). If you accept this place, the balance of fees for the remainder of the term is then due. Taster sessions are only offered within the first three weeks of each term and the first week after half term.