Lower School


Our Lower School currently runs three hours a week. Students have extensive training in the three disciplines of theatre: Singing, Drama and Dance and focus on the integration of these three disciplines. Our lower school syllabus introduces everything required for successful training in the world of modern musical theatre: acting skills, devising skills, improvisation, voice, acting through song, solo singing technique, ensemble singing, choreography and modern dance, body conditioning and fitness.

Your child will be influenced and taught by our fabulous team of industry professionals; performers, directors, choreographers and musical directors, all of whom are there to encourage and inspire our students. Our team is exceptional and our focus is very much student led. We create an environment that makes the students feel like they belong, one big supportive family where they can be brave and confident in their development.

The team will highlight to students their creative possibilities; encouraging them to be the best version of themselves that they can be, as a performer and as an individual. Theatre skills are transferrable life skills, not everyone wants to be a star but everyone wants to be the best version of themselves.

Lower School do their own performance in an external professional theatre each year. This gives them the opportunity to play lead roles and learn the responsibility of carrying a show before moving through to Upper School.

They also do in-house examination performances and concerts as well as joining up with the Upper School in larger productions. We offer as many performance opportunities as possible. (This includes professional opportunities for those suited)

Our shows aren’t like other Stage School shows. We try to offer the students an experience as close to that of a ‘pro’ show as possible. Professional venues, with our professional creative and production teams who demonstrate to the students just how tough live theatre is, the self discipline and ability to be a team player that is required, and also how much fun it can be!

Students experience the audition process as part of this and learn how and why a show is cast and how to manage expectations and grow the self belief that you need to have in yourself and your peers.

We also offer 1-1 sessions in Voice and Acting for those who want to focus in on specifics. Students are able to take LAMDA Acting and Musical Theatre Examinations as part of these bolt on sessions as well as class exams in Performance Arts Awards.

For those with determination and potential in Musical Theatre, our Dance Studio (The Dance Centre) continues the training opportunities throughout the week. Offering classes and examinations in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Street and Contemporary Dance. Allowing the development of the technical triple threat performer from an early age.