The Junior School


Our Junior Class for ages 3-7years is a weekly 90 minute structured, fun and engaging curriculum, that introduces our youngest performers to the wonderful world of theatre and performance. Exploring the three disciplines of Drama, Singing and Dance, our early years specialist performance tutors, guide Juniors through development of confidence, social interaction, speech, self awareness, communication and creativity skills. Our unique classes are split down within the session to accommodate the 3-4yrs age bracket and the 5-7yrs age bracket, with these two groups having some time together and age specific separate time.

Juniors are encouraged to become creative and curious in an environment that is exciting, character building, fun and challenging.

Juniors perform in-house through the year for parents and perform annually in the main school’s external musical theatre performance.

This aids their transition through the Stage School, meaning that they are prepared to move up to Centre Stages- Lower School, in their seventh year, and the longer more demanding three hour session.

Our fantastic professional team of early years specialists will make your little one’s entry to the world of theatre an enjoyable and fun one!