Performance Opportunities

Here at Stage Centre we look to offer students as many performance and professional performance opportunities as possible.

Our annual large scale productions are performed in an external professional theatre with a full creative and production team. Lights, Set, Sound, sometimes live Orchestra, Costume, Make-up, students are given an experience as close to that of a pro production as possible. They gain an understanding of the whole process of theatre and performance from audition to stage, as well as learning how production works and is brought together and the value of the backstage and technical team. We encourage a family feel where students are all team players and in a production they realise that everyone, no matter what your ‘role’ is important.

You can find out more about our Shows through our blog. All the photographs on our website are also from our productions and offers a flavour of the exceptional standard we achieve. All productions are non-profit making but are provided because we believe in the importance of this as part of a students’ training and experience. We raise money and use ticket sales to fund the shows and parents and students are expected to support in order for us to continue to be able to provide such wonderful opportunities for the Centre.

In-House, Festival, Corporate and One-Off performances are also put on throughout the year when opportunities arise.

Professional Performance Opportunities are also presented to us, we work with and have contacts to, a wide range of pro companies from Panto, musical theatre, TV/Film, Corporate and Advertising and we put forward any student we believe capable and suitable but also and most importantly, ready, for pro work. Our Students represent us as well as themselves and therefore Students are expected to display excellent self- discipline, manners, strong work ethic, kindness, enthusiasm and confidence out in the professional world. Professional work is offered only to those Students.


Our beautiful choir of mixed ages from 11-16years, for the Wedding of Emma and Mitchell December 2015 at the Miskin Manor Hotel.