Little Shop of Horrors @The Sherman Theatre July 2017

Here at Stage Centre, we do things a little differently...
Our productions are no exception and make us really stand out from the crowd.

Our shows are always with a professional creative and production team and from audition, to casting to rehearsal to the realisation on stage the process mirrors that as close an experience to the real world as possible.

Little Shop of Horrors was our most recent show with our Upper School students.
Band call is always our favourite part of bringing the process together before moving the show in to the theatre.

Because of budget and time restrictions, we don’t have the luxury of several technical rehearsals and band calls and dress rehearsals. Our turn around time is very fast and the students are used to this and learn to make the most of every opportunity they are presented with.

Little Shop Band Call was a joy - this show has such energy about it and we have set ours in the late 80’s / early 90’s in the era of vogue and shell suits, lycra, colour and denim!
At this stage students have a lot to take on board, vocal cues, underscored dialogue, entrances, exits, playoffs and play ons.

The week of the Show we have one day to ‘get in’ to the theatre and create a set, sound, lighting, and pull the production together with a dress/tech rehearsal in the evening.
This is an incredibly short amount of time in which to get a show-up and running. Somehow however with our fabulous creative and production team and a wonderful cast, we manage it. Opening night can feel like a dress rehearsal but by the second show the team were flying and the following two shows were a huge success

Managing lighting, sound, the band, costume, set, props and a live audience, the cast produced stunning performances and when you consider their average age is 15yrs, it is quite remarkable what and how they deliver in terms of professionalism and standard.

We couldn’t be prouder of happier with our 2017 production of Little Shop of Horrors...